Metolius is an online survey platform that give you more than just the ability to ask questions and generate statistics. It was purpose built for analytics and assessments like gap analysis, performance measurement, current state to desired state and customer satisfaction - including Net Promoter Score and much more.

Metolius is a process improvement tool designed to deliver immediately actionable results while saving time and money.


LearnNFocus is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution created specifically for educational institutions. This all-in-one ERP solution will help digitize daily activities, help reduce manual processes and centralize all resources and information on a single platform.

From student information to asset and housing management, LearnNFocus streamlines everyday operations, guarantees data security and protection, elevates efficiency and productivity, and gives management the capability to make informed decisions quickly.

iLearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting automation, and delivery of learning and development programs and courses. It supports hybrid, self-paced (online), and instructor-led (offline) learning delivery models.

This software-based system automates the complete learning management and delivery processes to provide consistent, flexible, and interactive training that can enhance the user's experience.


Apperant streamlines the tracking and management of contractual obligations, compliance requirements, and other tasks. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft platform, it utilizes advanced AI capabilities, such as natural language processing.

The platform automates contract analysis, and with its real-time insights and information about contracts presented via dashboards and reports, it fosters efficient contract administration. The system's automated alerts aid users to make prompt, well-informed decisions.

Chronoxtrak, is an AI-powered solution that creates illustrated timelines from a variety of documents, even with missing metadata. It uses machine learning and deep learning natural language processing models to quickly identify and organize dates, times, and events.

The platform comes packed with standout features like effortless categorization and broad extraction capabilities, including OCR image recognition. A unique bookmarking feature also provides instant access to crucial data. It does more than simplify chronology management; it offers outputs that can be customized to a user’s needs, reducing hours of manual labor and elevating the accuracy of their operations.